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صورة Ammar Merhbi
Trouble Viewing the "Google Login" Button?
بواسطة الأحد, 8 تشرين الثاني 2015, 12:32 - Ammar Merhbi

Dear all,

We have updated the Login authentication to Moodle via your school email account. After the update, you might experience a disappearance of "Log in with Google" button that appears below the log in form. This is because this site is cached on your browser (to make it  work faster). To ...

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صورة Jonathan Fahed
Moodle Maintenance
بواسطة الخميس, 16 نيسـان 2015, 11:12 - Jonathan Fahed
Fellow teachers and students,

Moodle will be under maintenance and update from Thursday, April 16 11:00 pm till Friday, April 17 11:00 pm.

You may face some troubles logging in during this period.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

صورة Ammar Merhbi
Moodle 2.7 Upgrade on Friday
بواسطة الإثنين, 16 آذار 2015, 8:07 - Ammar Merhbi

 Greetings all, 

We are going to upgrade Moodle to version 2.7 which contains hundreds of great new features. 

The upgrade will happen on Friday between 8:30 Am and 6:00 PM. As a result,  you might find this site inaccessible or some features not working during this time.